For Adults (USA, Philippines, and Italy)

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Pets Bless e   Pets are a Blessing cover in Italian

Family Pet Dies CareNote cover

“Should almost be mandatory reading when a pet dies.”  Jim K., reader email to Abbey Press

Growing Spiritually After Divorce



For Children (USA, Spain,  Portugal, Hungary, Thailand, Brazil–in Spanish and Portuguese; no longer in hard copy  in  Austria or Holland )

Gdpt DiesGdpt Dies Ebk


Best Seller since 2002



Pet Dies E book

Family Friendly Book Award 2006 (See Amazon and Ebay for print copies)


“Great book!!!”

“I am a hospice bereavement counselor and use this book in grief sessions with children. It is written simply, and is a good resource for a wide age range.”

“Exactly what my child needed…”

I highly recommend…”

“Very well written…”

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Covers of foreign language editions of When Your Grandparent Dies

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