In my own words

Eight Plus Eight_3_0I WRITE fiction and nonfiction for children and adults. I write about family, pets, grief, joy, being Irish, being Italian, being spiritual, being confused, and Fish Sticks (my name for Catholic Baby Boomers), I write about writing and everyday life and ghost tales from our Irish pub–Ryan’s Tavern– in southwest Ohio.  I wrote my first book–Eight Plus Eight Equals Chaos , my  autobiography as the seventh of fourteen children–in seventh grade. It was borrowed by classmates and their parents for months to come.

I SPEAK at conferences and to community groups about writing, journal keeping, revision, holy cards, and topics from my books, articles, and essays.

CURRENTLY I am working on a meditation book with several Women’s Contemporary Fiction simmering on a side burner.

I WISH people would debate opposing ideas with respect, and that my own faults weren’t so difficult to

I LOVE my husband and six sons, and our two dogs: Amber, a golden lab and a dog of divorce when we took her in, who is now in heaven; and Bart, a border collie-black lab mix from the rescue shelter. And the first time someone asked if he was named after Bart Simpson, I officially tweaked his name to Bartholomew Francis Ryan the First–and since he was neutered–the Only.

I DREAM of spending the week of St. Patrick’s Day in an Irish Castle with my husband and sons, and speaking to Pope Francis in Italian on a long vacation in Italy.