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Catholic practices in the 1950s and 1960s

A Nun by Any Other Name

Portrait of nunI love the names nuns had in pre-Vatican II times. Of the teachers I knew, Sister Perpetua’s name was the most spiritual. Sister Marian the most predictable. Sister Odo the most unbelievable. Many of the Orders didn’t require a name change so I also had Sister Charlene and Sister Agnes. Back then, I never knew nuns had last names. Continue reading A Nun by Any Other Name

Ascension Thursday: Holy Day, Free Day

Artwork of Ascension from 14th centuryAscension Thursday is May 29th and my endorphins are already gearing up. They’re a throwback to my days at St. Peter in Chains Elementary School when we were off on Holy Days—All Saints, Immaculate Conception,  Christmas, Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God; and the Ascension. The Assumption on August 15th was never an issue because, back then, a new school year never began before Labor Day.   My publican friends (the neighborhood kids who attended public schools) complained Continue reading Ascension Thursday: Holy Day, Free Day

My First Communion Secret Society

Me at my First CommunionI almost asked  if you remember your First Communion. How silly of me. How could you not? I’m sure you recall your prayer book, your first rosary, and the class picture taken on the altar steps with the pastor of your parish.  If you’re female you probably still own your white Communion dress, Communion veil, and white gloves.  You may even have your white shoes and white anklet socks trimmed with lace. So the correct question isn’t if you remember. It’s: what do you remember about your First Communion Day?

October 1960 Communion Group PictureI remember the excitement I felt picking out my dress and veil, Continue reading My First Communion Secret Society

Why the Name Fish Sticks

fishsticks.jpgCatholic baby boomers–at least in my Midwest town–grew up on fish sticks, salmon patties, and tuna-noodle casseroles every Friday of the year–not just the Fridays of Lent.

Fish can mean many things including “a person who is wanted” (Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. …. Matthew 8:22 Stick also has several definitions including “a piece of the material composing something”–as in the people who compose the Body of Christ.

This blog will examine the present day reality of anything Catholic but specifically the spiritual journey of pre-Vatican II baby boomers living in the post-Vatican II 21st century.

Why this Blog?

collage of Catholic items from 1950s ex.Baltimore Catechism, pre-Vatican II Missal for children, etc.This blog is  the result of two unrelated incidences. The first was a nightly news program reporting  the death of another World War II veteran–leaving America  one step closer to losing the final first-hand accounts of that historic event.

The second was a comment by my son who told me about his First Confession. How he sat across from the priest. Face to face. In a comfortable chair. In an airy, well-lit room; a poster with the words to The Act of Contrition hanging on the wall. He said he made the Sign of the Cross and told the priest the one or two sins he was most sorry for.

It was the one or two sins that got me.  Continue reading Why this Blog?