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I’m with the Pope on Pets

Pope and dogI get that there are two sides to the controversy surrounding Pope Francis’ comments about pets in heaven, among them ‘Can animals choose right from wrong (do they have souls)’ and ‘If animals have souls, can we eat them?’ To me, it’s talking apples and oranges: one side is arguing for heaven as a theological structure and the other for heaven as a paradise structure. If there was such a thing as ex cathedra Victoria (from the chair of Victoria) I would settle the argument by saying, “Yes! Pets indeed go to heaven.” Here’s why. Continue reading I’m with the Pope on Pets

A Fourth Grade Spelling Test

handwrittten spelling test of elementary school student

One baby boomer afternoon when my best friend and I were in fourth grade—she in the local public school and I in the parish Catholic school—she showed me her weekly spelling test. It had a shiny metallic-looking star and a great big 92% A written across the top. I too had scored a 92% on my spelling test that week, but I didn’t get a star because 92% was considered a B+ at my school. Only a 93% or higher received an A.  Continue reading A Fourth Grade Spelling Test