Regarding: Children’s Books

“(Ryan’s) got just the right touch as far as really understanding. Kids want to be understood. I think she does that. A lot of authors can’t.” L. Mundy, Publisher, Abbey Press

“To children everywhere in the world, grandparents hold a special niche in their hearts…It’s a real blessing therefore that (Ryan) chose the love of grandparents as the subject of (her) book. Excellent. GC, Hamilton, OH

Regarding: Adult Reading

When a Family Pet Dies

“… (this) should almost be required reading when a pet dies.” Jim Kleinfelder (emailed to the publisher of Abbey  Press)

Religious Essays

“I must tell you I just read (Secrets of My Spiritual Bouquet) and I cried. I laughed. I cried. You are such a wonderful writer. I just had to tell you that!”–KE, Liberty Twp., OH

“I so enjoyed your recent article. So many good memories (of Spiritual Bouquets) and the laughs as I read it to my daughter in San Diego. Thank you!”-FJ, Hamilton, OH

So You Think You’re Irish (Essay) and What It Means To Be Irish (Poster)

“It took me awhile to track you down but my wife and I really liked your article and we had to call and tell you so. We’re making copies to send to all our daughters. We will be looking for more from you.”  Mr. H, Cincinnati, OH

“Just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your article … You are truly a gifted writer.” Anderson Twp., OH

“I want to thank you for your eloquent description of your heritage as it debunks stereotypes and movingly asserts the positive. I, too, am proud to claim origins on the Emerald Isle and proud to acknowledge you as a colleague.” DB, West Chester, OH

“I loved your article.” Butler County, OH

“Your poster is wonderful. Will you autograph one for me?” LH, Alexandria, KY

“What a wonderful talent you have to inspire others. It’s a very blessed gift. “ KM, Hamilton, OH

 McCall’s Magazine (article: Blended Families)

“Thank you (for showing) that parenting is a lot more than saying ‘I love you.’” BV, Mayflower, AK

“Lots of suggestions other parents can use.” New York, NY

“So well written and interesting.” LT Hamilton, OH

 U.S. Catholic Magazine (article: Stillbirths)

“Brilliant. You totally changed my point-of-view.” SAG, Los Angeles

“Outstanding article…shows the significant depth of intellectual understanding of the issues involved, but at the same time, combined that with the emotions and sensitivities involved. … (Ryan) has made a significant contribution …to the thinking regarding the stillbirth of children.” J.K., President and CEO Fort Hamilton-Hughes Memorial Hospital

“Beautiful and poignant and packs quite an emotional punch… (Ryan) is one hell of a writer.” SP, Cincinnati, OH

“Beautiful and so well written.” TC, Cincinnati, OH

“Beautiful, wonderful writing…what a great sharing of self to a world of others.” DJ, Bangor, Maine

“Very well done…shared it with (a friend) who also lost a child.” JM, Hamilton, OH

“Very well written …addresses a topic very deserving of attention by those in authority.” DC, Hamilton, OH

“Written so beautifully and … spoke for a great number of women who have shared the experience.” AB, Winter Haven, Fla

“I asked my daughter-in-law to read (the article) to me on our way to a meeting. She didn’t make a sound as she read it to herself. She said no one could read that aloud. It really touched her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this story.” KW, Oxford, OH

“Don’t read it without a tissue.” NP, Dayton, OH

 Blog Post  (Eliminating the “R” Word-Retarded)

“I would read the phone book if Ryan wrote it.” ME, New Orleans, LA

“I will remember what you wrote and use it (as a public school teacher).” SB, Savannah, GA

“(Ryan) writes with such feeling. She should write a novel.” SP, Houston, TX

Blog Fish Sticks–Significance of Catholic Baby Boomer Experience

Helen Combs Stengel You go girl! This is great! Looking forward to more! I’m going to share.

Janet Henz You have a special gift, loved reading your blog and look forward to more.

Brenda Craft Barrett thought provoking

Regarding: Speaking/Teaching

Importance of Keeping a Journal

“(Your presentation was) entertaining…informative…When can you come back?”  Rosary Altar Society, Hamilton, OH

“(We) really enjoyed it. You had (us) listening to every word. And laughing.” Rosary Altar Society, Hamilton, OH

“Our group loved your presentation! They’re still talking about it. They’ve never been so engaged.” Mercy Hospital Auxiliary, RH, Hamilton, OH

“I learned more in (Ryan’s Critical Thinking) class than I have in any other class I’ve taken.” (Critical Thinking) Student on Evaluation form, Miami University, Hamilton, OH

Revising Content

“Our favorite workshop of the day” Kentucky

“Can’t believe we got all this information from a free workshop” Mason, Ohio

“Excellent presenter!” Columbus, Ohio



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