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How My Family and Friends Compare to Their Patron Saints (series begun November 2015)

“I’m going to love this.” SP, Sugarland, TX

“I love this. Can’t wait to see who’s next.”, SR, Raleigh, NC

“So interesting! Anything written by this author is a must read.” PB, Dayton, OH

“Awesome…I love (this series)” EL, Marietta, GA

“This will be fun to watch for.” SA, Atlanta, GA

“I’ll add this to my inspirational daily readings.”, DC, Marietta, GA

Eliminating the “R” Word: Retarded

“I would read the phone book if Ryan wrote it.” ME, New Orleans, LA

“I will remember what you wrote and use it (as a school teacher).” SB, Savannah, GA

“(Ryan) writes with such feeling. She should write a novel.” SP, Houston, TX

Significance of Catholic Baby Boomer Experience

“You have a special gift. Loved reading your blog and look forward to more.” JH, Hamilton, OH

“Thought provoking.” Dr. BCB, Cincinnati, OH

Black Bear of Cleremont County

“Hilarious! Good message too.” HCS, Hamilton, OH

“Loved it.” JC, Michigan