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When Your Grandparent Dies

“(Ryan’s) got just the right touch as far as really understanding. Kids want to be understood. I think she does that. A lot of authors can’t.” L. Mundy, Publisher, Abbey Press

“To children everywhere in the world, grandparents hold a special niche in their hearts…It’s a real blessing therefore that (Ryan) chose the love of grandparents as the subject of (her) book. Excellent. GC, Hamilton, OH

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“I just bought several copies of your book. I want each of my nieces and nephews to have their own copy.” GC, Hamilton, OH

Best book out of four that I looked at for helping Preschoolers understanding Death  A. Buccieon February 13, 2009 Format: Paperback

I have read 4 books about dying in hopes of finding the “perfect” book to help explain death to my 4 year old. I haven’t found the “perfect” book, but this one came the closest and was the most helpful. But I liked “When your Grandparent Dies” the most out of all of these. V. Aldenon October 21, 2008 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

I am a hospice bereavement counselor and use this book in grief sessions with children. It is written simply, and is a good resource for a wide age range.  Julieton November 7, 2010 Format: Paperback

We bought this book right after our 2 3/4 year old daughter’s grandpa died. .. Each page is a different topic so you can pick and choose what things you want to read about and discuss – Everybody is Sad, Saying Good-bye, It’s Okay to Cry, What Dying Means, Heaven, Crazy Feelings, It’s Not Your Fault, The Scariest Feeling of All, Talking Helps, What is a Funeral, The Funeral Service, Listen and Learn, How Long Will You Be Sad, & What Your Grandparent Wants. I really enjoyed “What Dying Means” and “Heaven”. Mrs. Shelia K. Thompson on April 24, 2009 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Got to thinking that my grandchilren will not understand why I’m not available after I die. Bought this for both my children to share with the grandkids. Hope they see it as helpful as I do. Hannah Wilsonon October 4, 2010 Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

My step-son (9 years old) has been grieving his grandfather and this book really helped. We bought three different ones and they were all actually good, addressing slightly different things in each while talking about being sad. It also described his feelings very well so he thought it was written for him. He also found the pictures comforting and special. A. Franklin January 28, 2014 Format: Paperback

A great book!!! I got this book, one each, for my father’s 15 great-grandchildren ages 1 to 8 when he died of cancer a month ago. The book helped them so much during a very confusing and sad time in our lives. I give credit to the way their parents presented the book to them, read it with them, and waited for the children to ask questions. The book gave them permission to ask questions that were weighing on their hearts, but weren’t sure they should ask. Great-grandpa had gotten his last haircut the day before he died. For some reason, I saved his hair, and I taped a small piece of his hair inside each book. They have asked over and over if we could read their “Grandpa Book.” A well written book, in a format easily understood by young children, especially when guided by a caring adult. D. Widickon September 11, 2011 Format: Paperback

…. I liked how it addressed the emotions of everyone in the family during the passing of a grandparent. I would recommend it to others. A.J.on February 9, 2015 Format: Paperback

“It was amazing. Clear, concise and kind words for children who just lost a grandparent. (Doesn’t hurt the parents to read this, either.) Becky (rated 5 stars) on Good Reads

When Your Pet Dies

“I am so glad you wrote this. My pet is my child and I’m heartbroken that he is gone.” CG, Middletown, OH

“I know this is a kid’s book but when it comes to my pet, I am a kid.” JA, Hamilton, OH

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I ordered this e-book for my grandson when my cat died. He is four … I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has small children and experience the death of a family pet.  Candy Swankon February 10, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition

Very gentle and appropriate information for children, treated in a very respectful and caring way. Awesome illustrations add to the tone of the book. Penny Daniels on June 23, 2013 Format: Paperback|

This was exactly the book we needed when my 9 year old little boy had his first experience with death with his beloved little hamster.  This book answered every question, and put him at such ease. It really added to his experience and understanding so that going forward, he will understand more how to cope now and in the future with new pets. Highly recommend. . J Mayeron July 24, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition