Re: Adult Materials

CareNote: When a Family Pet Dies

“Thank you …this should almost be mandatory reading for anyone who loses a pet.” JK, email to publisher of Abbey Press

McCall’s Magazine (article: Blended Families)

“Thank you (for showing) that parenting is a lot more than saying ‘I love you.’” BV, Mayflower, AK

“Lots of suggestions other parents can use.” New York, NY

“So well written and interesting.” LT Hamilton, OH

U.S. Catholic Magazine (article: Stillbirths)

“Brilliant. You totally changed my point-of-view.” SAG, Los Angeles

“Outstanding article…shows the significant depth of intellectual understanding of the issues involved, but at the same time, combined that with the emotions and sensitivities involved. … (Ryan) has made a significant contribution …to the thinking regarding the stillbirth of children.” J.K., President and CEO Fort Hamilton-Hughes Memorial Hospital

“Beautiful and poignant and packs quite an emotional punch… (Ryan) is one hell of a writer.” SP, Cincinnati, OH

“Beautiful and so well written.” TC, Cincinnati, OH

“Beautiful, wonderful writing…what a great sharing of self to a world of others.” DJ, Bangor, Maine

“Very well done…shared it with (a friend) who also lost a child.” JM, Hamilton, OH

“Very well written …addresses a topic very deserving of attention by those in authority.” DC, Hamilton, OH

“Written so beautifully and … spoke for a great number of women who have shared the experience.” AB, Winter Haven, Fla

“I asked my daughter-in-law to read (the article) to me on our way to a meeting. She didn’t make a sound as she read it to herself. She said no one could read that aloud. It really touched her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this story.” KW, Oxford, OH

“Don’t read it without a tissue.” NP, Dayton, OH