Re: Speaking

Catholic Writers Conference Online 2016

“I highly recommend Victoria Ryan’s ‘Advanced Strategies for Journal Keeping’ workshop.” Another speaker during her presentation

“I’m going to skip the topics of Author Promises and Tones because Victoria Ryan said all that needed to be said in (her workshop ‘Advanced Revision Strategies.'” Another speaker during his presentation

“Wonderful! I never knew  a lot of this.” conference attendee, Louisiana

“Great information.” Conference attendee, New Jersey

“I really enjoyed your presentation.” Conference attendee, Texas

Strategies for Revising Content

“I can’t believe I got all that information from a book festival (Books by the Banks, Cincinnati, OH) presentation.”AH, Lebanon, OH

“I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday at Books by the Banks! It highlighted so many areas I need help in!” PS, Covington, KY

“We attended all the workshops. Yours was our favorite.” PM, Cincinnati, OH

“I tweeted good things about this workshop during the presentation.”  GP, Cincinnati, OH

“Great information. Would you be willing to send me a copy of the Power Point? I would love to share it with my writers. It can also help me with my narrative editing duties.” EBe., Liberty Twp., OH

“We really enjoyed your presentation this morning.  Thank you so much for all the great suggestions.” EBis., Cincinnati, OH

“I am in the process of revising my first novel and I found your talk very helpful.” MD, Cincinnati, OH

“Victoria, thank you SO much for your presentation.” El.B, Cincinnati, OH

Importance of Keeping a Journal

“(Your presentation was) entertaining…informative…When can you come back?”  Rosary Altar Society, Hamilton, OH

“(We) really enjoyed it. You had (us) listening to every word. And laughing.” Rosary Altar Society, Hamilton, OH

“Our group loved your presentation! They’re still talking about it. They’ve never been so engaged.” Mercy Hospital Auxiliary, RH, Fairfield, OH

“Recommendations for next year? Bring Victoria Ryan back.” Miami U. Learning in Retirement student

Where I Get My Ideas

“Your presentation today was marvelous. I heard two of the visitors say that it was just what they were looking for!” PLots @…

“I really enjoyed your presentation yesterday. Your combination of humor and serious ideas were very easy to relate to as well as follow (and stay awake for)!” Julie @ …

“Your program was excellent. Please, please put some of it in article form for the newsletter. I’d hate for the other members to miss out.” Linda, President OVRWA

“Thank you for (the information). It was exactly what I was looking for. You have no idea how much it helped. It will improve my writing a lot!” JU@…

“Thanks for a great program Saturday. Your suggestions and tips were helpful to me, and I will share some of them with the students in my composition class. You were also very generous to share so much of your own life experiences–it helped everyone see that good can come even out of the darkest hours.” Crystal@ …

“I think the advice and examples you gave … were great! I could see exactly what you were talking about.” Megs@…”

Liberty Junior High Writers Symposium

“The students loved your presentation. You really seemed to connect with them as they hung on your every word.” JD, Teacher

Regarding: Critical Thinking

“I learned more in this class than I have in any other class I’ve taken.” Evaluation form, Miami University, Hamilton, OH