St. Genevieve of Paris

St.GeneviveFrance flag[An early installment of  “How Do My Family and Friends Compare With Their Patron Saints?” in support of the people of Paris, France, following the horrendous attack on their city and country Friday, 13 November 2015. God bless France.]

St. Genevieve was born in the suburbs of Paris in the year 493. When her parents died, she moved to the city to live with her godmother. She was always involved in works of mercy and entered the convent at age 15. When Attila the Hun threatened Paris, she went out into the streets and persuaded the panic stricken people not to leave their homes. She lead a prayer marathon and fast until Attila turned away. She is patroness of Paris and is venerated by the Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church. She died at the age of nineteen (19). Her Feast Day is January 3.

I don’t know anyone named Genevieve but after this weekend, I (like the entire world) have an affinity with Paris and therefore with St. Genevieve.  She must certainly empathize with this latest attack. Let’s follow her example and pray and fast as we are able for the restoration of France and God’s protection on all of us.

Holy Card accessed 15 Nov 2015 from St. Genevieve Parish bulletin, Panorama, CA. / The Communion of Saints: Sanctity Through the Centuries (©1967 by St.Benedict Center)

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  1. When I read the name Genevieve, I initially thought of the character in Camelot, named Guinevere who was unfaithful to the king. I’m grateful for St. Genevieve’s faithful example on the power of prayer.. She lived so few years yet made such a difference in so many lives. I appreciated learning about her, hearing your personal thoughts, and the reflection you shared for St. Genevieve. Your compassion for the people of Paris was also deeply felt. I appreciate the reminder of the results one life can make when we dedicate our lives to the highest of all kings.

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