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Saint Michael the Archangel

St. MichaelAccording to Catholic Online, Michael isn’t a saint like we usually think of saints—good humans who are now in heaven—but an angel. He is called an archangel because he is the leader of the angels. He is mentioned four times in Scriptures including Daniel where he helped people and in Revelations where he leads the final battle against Satan.  In the Catholic tradition he is the angel who defended God against Lucifer before the Garden of Eden. Some believe he is the angel that carries a soul to heaven. St. Michael is a figure of action and combat, of strength, a sense of duty, and justice. Thus he is known as the Protector and as the Defender of Faith. He is patron saint of various groups including police and military. Belief in St. Michael is common to Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. His feast Day is Sept. 29 along with the other archangels, Gabriel and Raphael, and the other angels.

I chose the name Michael for our fifth son because I liked it. I didn’t think about St. Michael until our Michael was hospitalized for surgery at age one month. Like his patron, our Michael was a fighter then and has never backed away from a challenge. He is a family-loving guy who makes it a point to stay in touch with both sides of our extended families, “protecting the connection” of family ties. He was a warrior on the soccer and track fields, and his Bengal fan stripes run deep. He considered entering the police force, but after graduating from Wright State, he earned a second degree in mortuary science, a career that highlighted his reputation as a caring, sensitive person. One of his older brothers told him that he was the glue that bonded our blended family, because he was his, hers, and ours. His birthday is March 16th which means he often shared the family party with his brother Alex (March 18th) and his birthday weekend with St. Patrick Day celebrations. He has much in common with his patron saint.


St. Alexander of Jerusalem

St. Alexander of Jersusalem[Another installment of How Do My Family and Friends Compare With Their Patron Saints? Posting Tues. and Thurs. Will you be next?]

There are more than a few saints named Alexander: Pope Alexander I, Pope Alexander IV, and Pope Alexander VI. (Popes Alexander III and VII were beatified but not canonized, and Alexander IV was an antipope–a person who is seen by some cardinals and kings as having a legitimate claim to the office of Pope; that was in the 3rd-15th centuries). But the topic of today’s blog is Alexander of Continue reading St. Alexander of Jerusalem

St. Nicholas

St_-Nicholas 3[Another installment of “How Do My Family and Friends Compare With Their Patron Saints?” Posting Tues. and Thurs. Will you be next?]

There are at least two saints by the name of Nicholas. St. Nicholas of Owens (1559-1829) was an artisan who built secret hiding places for priests during an era of Christian persecution. He was a layman who was known for receiving the Holy Eucharist (Communion) and praying to gain strength and insight before each of his projects.

The second St. Nicholas is the one most people know about, the St. Nicholas who by translation of languages eventually became known as Santa Claus. This is the St. Nicholas that I think about whenever I hear the Continue reading St. Nicholas

Saint Homobonus-Give Back

St. Homobonus[Another installment of How Do My Family and Friends Compare With Their Patron Saints? Posting Tues. and Thurs. Will you be next?]

Saint Homobonus (from the Latin homo bonus or “good man”) is the patron saint of business people, tailors, shoemakers, and clothworkers, as well as of Cremona, Italy. He was a married layman and merchant who believed that God had allowed him to work so he could help the poor. He donated a large proportion of his profits to the relief of those living in poverty. He was called “father of the poor”, “assiduous in Continue reading Saint Homobonus-Give Back

St. Kateri Tekakwitha

kateri-2[Thanksgiving edition of How Do My Family and Friends Compare With Their Patron Saints? Will you be next? Posting Tues. and Thurs. except holidays.]

Saint Kateri (pronounced Kat’ er ee) was born in 1656 in what is now central New York state. Her mother was a Catholic Algonquin Indian who was captured by her father, a Mohawk warrior, and forced to assimilate into his tribe. When Kateri was Continue reading St. Kateri Tekakwitha

St. Louis IX, King of France

St. Louis IX King of FranceFrance flag[Another French installment of  How Do My Family and Friends Compare With Their Patron Saints? in support of the people of Paris, France, following the horrendous attack on their city and country Friday, 13 November 2015. God bless France.]

Louis IX was born in Aragon in 1556 and crowned King upon his father’s death at age 12. He married at age 19 and had ten or eleven children (sources vary) although several of them Continue reading St. Louis IX, King of France