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Symbol Meaning Example
insert a comma
apostrophe or single
quotation mark
insert something
use double quotation marks
use a period here
transpose elements
close up this space
a space needed here
begin new paragraph
no paragraph

Abbreviation Meaning Example
Ab a faulty abbreviation She had earned a Phd along with her M.D.
See also P/A and S/V
agreement problem:
subject/verb or
The piano as well as the guitar need tuning.
The student lost their book.
Awk awkward expression
or construction
The storm had the effect of causing
millions of dollars in damage.
Cap faulty capitalization We spent the Fall in Southern spain.
CS comma splice Raoul tried his best, this time that
wasn’t good enough
DICT faulty diction Due to the fact that we were wondering
as to whether it would rain, we stayed home.
Dgl dangling construction Working harder than ever, this job
proved to be too much for him to handle.
– ed problem with
final -ed
Last summer he walk all the way to Birmingham.
Frag fragment Depending on the amount of snow we get this
winter and whether the towns buy new trucks.
| | problem in parallel form My income is bigger than my wife.
P/A pronoun/antecedent
A student in accounting would be wise to see
their advisor this month.
Pron problem with pronoun My aunt and my mother have wrecked her car
The committee has lost their chance to change things.
You’ll have to do this on one’s own time.
Rep unnecessary repetition The car was blue in color.
R-O run-on sentence Raoul tried his best this time
that wasn’t good enough.
Sp spelling error This sentence is flaude with two mispellings.
– s problem with final-s He wonder what these teacher think of him.
STET Let it stand The proofreader uses this Latin term to indicate that proofreading marks calling for a change should be ignored and the text as originally written should be “let stand.”
S/V subject/verb agreement The problem with these cities are leadership.
T verb tense problem He comes into the room, and he pulled his gun.
Wdy wordy Seldom have we perused a document so verbose,
so ostentatious in phrasing, so burdened with too many words.
WW wrong word What affect did the movie have on Sheila?
She tried to hard to analyze its conclusion.